Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plaza Gallery Hosts December Third Thursday Reception

As mentioned in an earlier post, this Thursday, December 18th, is Third Thursday in Henderson. In light of the event, Gary and Susanne Reese are opening their gallery doors to offer a sneak peek at a new body of work and invite you all for a reception.

In their words, "2009 will be a year of historical reflection for those of us in the Las Vegas metro area. It is the Centennial of the creation of Clark County, Nevada. A century ago, Clark Co. was carved out of a then much larger Lincoln County, when residents of Searchlight, Goodsprings and newly established Las Vegas balked at traveling to Pioche for government business."

Clearly, these two know a thing or two about this region. So, more than experiencing some great photography, you might just come away with a little more knowledge than when you arrived.

In their commitment to present historical art to the Water Street District, Plaza Gallery will celebrate the Clark County Centennial with an opening of a historically themed exhibit on December 18th, between the hours of 5:00 pm and 9:00.

Like they did with the Las Vegas Centennial exhibit at the LVAM, Gary and Susanne have again created a photographic exhibit celebrating the region's cultural heritage. This time around, they are pleased to exhibit a selection of 2008 rephotographs of 140 year old scenes from southern Nevada. The exhibit blends the Old West with the New West into single images which break the traditional norms of scientific and minimalist art rephotography. Each print utilizes whatever techniques best reveal the progression of time between scenes, even if it blurs the distinction of what is old and new.

This is only part of the vivid description and reading about it here simply won't do the work justice. Join them and members of the growing local art community at the gallery this Thursday and partake in all of the other things going on in downtown Henderson.

See more and learn more at the Plaza Gallery website.

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Nicky Watts said...

I've seen a few of these when I have stopped in ro Plaza gallery periodically. They are awesome! This show is going to be really great.