Thursday, January 1, 2009

Really Good Paper Goes Around More Than Once

Artist Nicky Watts (left) casting CEO of Aspen Communications, Toni Thornburn, for her recycled paper project. Photo courtesy of Heather Cory.

Think of all the paper in our lives. It's everywhere. Newspapers. Magazines. Circulars. Books. Holiday wrapping paper. We print, write, draw on, and discard it with abandon. Paper consumes us as much as we consume it. Then we toss it to the side like, well, like yesterday's news.

Well one local photographer and artist is doing right by her paper and turning it into art. Nicky Watts is casting and molding recycled paper art and then shooting the finished product to be sold as premium pieces of art.

As a fitting and optimistic close to this turbulent year, Watts' latest artistic and environmentally-conscious venture has been featured in the December 31st issue of the Las Vegas Sun. Read the article and watch the accompanying video "Getting Plastered" here. Then check out a couple of earlier posts detailing Watts' other pursuits.

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