Monday, October 12, 2009

Mural Artist Ozzy Villatte Unveils Another Masterpiece

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with resident mural artist Ozzy Villate as he completed another magical piece of work. Last time he was featured as his "Promise" mural became the new focal point of Water Street in the Heart of Henderson.

This time, Ozzy's focus wasn't revitalization in the form of a spring as a life source. Rather, he set out to create an inspirational piece for children and adults alike. And that he did. This latest Little Nemo-inspired mural came to life in a local daycare center and will eventually find a permanent home in Arizona.

With a conscious eye toward creating something viewers could engage with, he managed to create something that, in turn, engaged with the viewer. The fact that 90% of the eyes are directed at the those of the beholder is no coincidence. "The goal," according to Villate, was "to take the child and the adult into the underwater fantasy world" and, again, he succeeded literally with flying colors.

Photographs courtesy of Henderson Art Association members Nabila Khanam and Dana Satterwhite. Ozzy can be contacted for commissioned mural or fine art projects and may be reached at his studio, 702.300.2034.

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