Tuesday, December 1, 2009

General Meeting A Resounding Success: Guest Speaker. Cookies. Double Dose of Goodness.

HAA President Deborah Mays covers off items on the evening's agenda before setting the stage for social media authority and guest speaker Brian Mosko. Photos courtesy of HAA members Nabila Khanam and Dana Satterwhite.

On Monday evening, November 23rd, Brian Mosko, the second in our ongoing HAA Guest Speaker Series, couldn't respond to raised hands and the rapid-fire hail of questions from the enraptured crowd quickly enough. He stood poised at the front of the room, cell phone receiving a never-ending stream of texts and tweets on the table by his side, as he reminded artists of the power the internet has given us as we establish personal and professional connections online. The conversation began with the basic benefits of having a website and learning to use the web to one's advantage. Eventually four of the top ranking social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube) became central to the discussion as viable (and free) communication and self-promotion vehicles. But, honestly, just as the dialogue began to heat up, time ran out. Eyes remained wide and mouths agape, as we all realized how much untapped potential is right there at our disposal and, literally, our fingertips.

After Brian's stellar presentation, there wasn't much time left to discuss anything. Before, several topics were covered including a recent art sale by HAA board member Sharon Menary, upcoming shows, and the timing for the next meeting. It's looking like we will bypass December in light of the holidays and time the next general meeting for mid-January. Former HAA Hospitality Chair Beth McCall was not present at this meeting, so the wonderful fare she usually provides was noticeably absent. Two pieces of good news, though, are attached to this. One, Beth has since accepted the HAA Education Chair position and, two, local bakers and entrepreneurs Greg Shiver and Cleo Allen were kind enough to prepare and hand-deliver three Heavenly Dozens of Angie's Gourmet Oatmeal Cookies which filled the void and a few growling stomachs.

In the spirit of continuing the theme of social networking, become a fan at the AGOC Facebook Fan Page: Facebook | ANGIE'S GOURMET OATMEAL COOKIES

Thank you again, Brian, for a much-anticipated and long-overdue discussion. Thank you, Findlay Toyota, for opening your doors and providing a beautifully-appointed meeting space. Thank you, members, for attending.

This discussion was just popular enough that we may have to have Brian back again. Get ready for the next one. Now that we're a little more enlightened, spread the word by way of Facebook and Twitter. Post and tweet with reckless abandon. I kid, but not really.

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