Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who Made the Blog Today? Drina Fried

Born in Buffalo, NY, where her father ran a successful jewelry display manufacturing business until he was 85, Drina moved west and spent much time as a California artist before settling in Las Vegas in the spring of 2008. Her mother was a self-taught artist and writer as well. Drina was one of four children and the only granddaughter of Taylor Caldwell, an author in the late 1930s-1980s who turned out 33 best-selling novels.

In September of 2008, shortly after her arrival, Drina's fabric collage won "Best of Show" at her first Henderson showing. Her work was also recently shown at the Liberace Museum and much of it currently hangs in collections in the San Joaquin Valley, the Los Angeles area, and back east in Buffalo.

Drina's collage process is unique and involves layering chosen fabrics to form the under-picture. Then various embellishments are added to emphasize shading and contrast, including paint, embroidery, and other media. Often her visions are cityscapes, florals, or interiors with windows leading out to landscapes. She uses the process of looking, perceiving from a digital image, and interpreting into a varied fabric "canvas." Permanent heat-set glue makes each piece as strong and durable as oil or acrylic paintings on canvas. So vivid and enticing is her work that she often displays pieces behind glass to protect them from the wandering hands of viewers attracted to the texture.

View more work and learn more about HAA member Drina Fried at her site: www.artbydrina.com

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