Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artists Unite

Above: HAA members talk shop over comfort food. Here: HAA Board Members Charme Curtin and Nicky Watts proudly display one of three new Henderson Art Association t-shirt designs.

On Sunday, March 23rd, HAA Board Member and artist Sharon Menary was again kind enough to open the doors of her home and studio to host back-to-back HAA meetings. Turnout was great and there was hardly enough time to cover all of the things on the agenda, especially since the living room was filling up and we didn't want the food to get cold. Shirts were unveiled and plans for a big year were discussed. New board members were announced and new faces were present among a wealth of old ones. Here is the most current list of 2009 Henderson Art Association Board Members. A list of members will follow and several members (old and new) will soon be featured and welcomed here as well. Check back often.

President: Deborah Mays
First Vice President: Nicky Watts
Second Vice President: Norm Rosenfeld
Treasurer: Shirley Jeane
Secretary: Vina Curtis
Gallery Director: Andrew Maioli
Events Coordinator: Sharon Menary
Creative Director: Dana Satterwhite
Artists-at-Large: Charme Curtin + Roberto Rico

Thanks again, Sharon.