Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cosmetics Go Creative.

Photos by Nicky Watts. Pictured (from top to bottom): Tania Salazar, Delight Schwartz, Ashley Valley, and Sharon Menary.

On the right, here, HAA member and photographer Nicky Watts.

On Tuesday evening, January 27th, HAA members Nicky Watts and Sharon Menary participated in a fantastic Valentine's Day photo shoot for Mary Kay Cosmetics clients, new and old.

Nicky served as photographer and Sharon was one of the many cleansed, moisturized, made over, and photgraphed that evening. Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant Karen Bindner and a few fellow consultants were the hosts of the event.

The collaboration and the evening on the whole were an overwhelming success. According to Watts, the photos turned out beautifully and she attributes this to the fact that she had great talent to work with behind the scenes and in front of the camera. All of the women who participated "truly are gorgeous and they made [her] job easy."

Above are several of the finished head shots and a couple of images detailing the night's events.

The event and shoot took place at Findlay Cadillac in Henderson.

See more photos from the evening and read a more detailed synopsis on Nicky Watts' blog page: The Adventure of Nicky Watts

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