Monday, February 9, 2009


"No Deposit, No Return" by Sharon Menary.

"Dance 'till Dawn" by Sharon Menary.

Menary in a recent photo taken by fellow HAA artist and photographer Nicky Watts.

In troubling economic times, people still have an appreciation for the finer things. Want proof? HAA artist Sharon Menary's painting "No Deposit, No Return" recently sold after hanging for only one day at Henderson City Hall.

In her recent Life's Journey of the Traveling Artists solo exhibition at the Henderson Multigenerational Center, a second painting "Dance 'till Dawn" had been eyed by a past client. She'd noted, if the piece hadn't sold by the time the exhibition was over, she would buy it. Recently Sharon received an email acknowledging the purchase.

Congratulations, Sharon. If you're selling work and you're an active HAA member, let us know and we'll make some noise about it.

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