Monday, May 11, 2009

ArtFest: A Huge Success

Artists and patrons turned out by the thousands at this year's Henderson ArtFest. And, at the center of it all, the HAA stood proudly and made a great showing. HAA President Deborah Mays forwarded a wonderful letter of appreciation thanking all of those who participated in order to make this weekend's events run like clockwork.

Paraphrasing, she thanked "all the HAA artists who volunteered or helped in some way by supporting our group this weekend at the annual Henderson ArtFest." A special thank you went out to Sharon Menary, Georgia Lawson, Dotty Fenner, Charme Curtin, Debora Herrera, Wendy Rountree, Kathy Mullinix, Nicky Watts, Beth McCall, Shirley Jeane, Lee Moses, Dana Satterwhite, Gary Reese, and Suzanne Reese for coming together, being present, pitching in, and pretty much doing a fantastic job at keeping the organization going strong.

Thanks, honestly, go out to all the artists in the organization and in the area, and all of those who came out and took part. It was a welcome reminder that Henderson arts are alive and well, and that we all must continue to engage our creative sides.

HAA T-shirts sold like gangbusters and plenty of literature was handed out to inform of upcoming events.

Las Vegas Sun reporter Jeremy Twitchell stopped by the HAA booth on Saturday and conducted a brief interview with recently appointed HAA Creative Director Dana Satterwhite and his wife Kristen. Twitchell concludes his article about this year's ArtFest with their words. Hopefully, with what they had to say, they did the HAA and the local cultural arts community proud.

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