Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Building the Art Community From the Ground Up

These photographs of chalk art created during this year's 12th Annual Henderson ArtFest were taken just under two weeks ago and shared by Plaza Gallery Co-Owner Susanne Reese. They capture stunning and inspiring creations from the weekend's newly introduced Piazza Colori competition, and showcase a handful of the artists hard at work.

The competition took place on the plaza next to City Hall at the heart of Water Street and also served as a fundraiser for the Green Valley Rotary Club.

These wonderful works are a testament to the talent and passion for the arts in our community. There's little doubt that if we continue to come together by the hundreds and thousands, as artists and patrons did just recently, we will soon undergo tremendous revitalization of cultural arts in Henderson and the downtown Water Street District. In fact, it might seem this is just the beginning.

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