Thursday, November 12, 2009

HAA Blog Celebrates One Year!!!

As we turn the corner on 365 days of existence, the HAA reaches yet another milestone. 5000 hits on our blog site, which is a clear indication that there is artistic (and no doubt intelligent) life out there. Thank you for checking in from time to time, supporting and involving yourself in the local arts communities, and spreading the word. One of the best ways to increase membership for your respective organization (other than, say, opening a Twitter account) is to be a devout brand apostle and clue people in by word-of-mouth. Become a follower. Clue us in to things going on in our community and in others. We can't post about everything but the more of you we know are out there listening, reading, creating, the better and stronger we'll become. Here's to the next 5,000 hits. Stay creative.

1 comment:

Snowbird said...

Congratulations on your one-year aniversary. Thanks for blogging.