Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who Made the Blog Today? Beth McCall

Beth McCall, a resident of Las Vegas for nearly 22 years, has been oil painting for about 15 of them. Prior to that she worked in acrylics, pastels, and charcoal. She is primarily a portrait and figurative artist and has used her children as models in the majority of her paintings. She has always had a love for art. As a child, she spent summers in art camp at the local museum of Ft. Dodge, Iowa, a town of 25,000. The museum was beautiful and had a huge area for classes. When she "grew up," she put her paintbrushes away to raise her four children. Her brother was an excellent artist and, when he died in 1995, she began to realize all that she had given up by turning her back on art. Since that time, Beth has joined the HAA, held individual shows at the Green Valley and Flamingo Libraries, and received several awards for her work. She has been able to join her two passions in life—her art and her children. While not busy being a mom, creating, or carrying her world on her shoulders, Beth kindly dedicates her time as the entire HAA Hospitality Committee and has fearlessly carried on the educational outreach for the HAA during the Third Thursday ArtsWalk, creating chalk art with the artistic input of her kids as well. They are consistent and enthusiastic ambassadors of the Henderson Arts community and the HAA brand, as seen here.

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