Friday, November 21, 2008

Blog to Nevada Watercolor Society: If I caused any drama, it was unintentional.

Okay. So, just to clear up any confusion, this site came into being less than two days ago and already...controversy.

Not really.

In an effort to get word out about the week-long Watercolor Society show before the reception actually kicked off last night, I drove to the Liberace Museum (a local favorite) in the morning, shot a few photos of the work, and posted two of them on the site simply to give the viewing audience a small sample of what they could expect to see.

Why did I take shots of the pieces that I did? Valid question. Because, for one reason or another, they spoke to me. The lighting and shadows on them were a little less harsh. They were the easiest to shoot in the limited time I had. Fewer chairs stood in my way. Who knows? Honestly, there was zero science applied to it.

I took 29 photos in all. Began to post four. Whittled down to three. Ended up with two. Truth be told, it was a fairly random process. Little did I know that photos of the two pieces I chose to post on the site as mere examples also happened to be two of the pieces selected by the judges. I wasn't even aware that there was a judging component. Silly me. As one very kind (and prominent) member of the NVWS pulled me aside and said after explaining myself, I "have a good eye." Maybe I do.

Anyway, this was (believe it or not) sheer coincidence.

I attended the reception but had to leave before the winners were announced. I have not yet received their names but when I do, they will be posted here. We applaud them all and thank every participant, society member, and artist near and far for sharing whatever lives in their hearts and minds with the rest of us.

If the winners' artwork does not appear here yet, I will do my best to make it over to the museum to shoot those as well and revisit this post. Thanks for coming out, forgiving this misstep, and understanding that crazy things do happen.

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