Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Feature: Who Made the Blog Today?

This is a new feature. Being less than three days old, anything on this site is a new feature.

We have put out a call for artists, new and existing; young and old, and the response has been pretty overwhelming.

To manage the number of submissions we receive and try to keep as many local artists as content as possible, we will post head shots, bios, and a piece or two of an artist's, artists' or gallery's work. To be fair, this will generally be done in the order that this information is received. Unless, of course, someone has an upcoming show or something else that logically dictates maybe they get bumped to the front of the line. We will use discretion.

Kind of like how a pregnant couple might receive a police escort down the shoulder of crowded freeway or when you let someone with two cans of soup, a pack of gum, and a TV Guide go ahead of you and your jam-packed shopping cart at the grocery store.

That's the type of thing we mean.

We will also use discretion on which work we display here. A little risque? Perhaps. The really racy stuff (We've seen some already.) will be reserved for each artist's personally hosted site.

This new feature applies to members of the Henderson Art Association. More specifically, to those members who are in good standing.

For information on joining the HAA and perhaps even a formal definition of "in good standing," visit the official HAA website or contact the HAA here:

Stay creative.

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