Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Starving Artists, Starve No More.

Photos: Dana Satterwhite

If art is food for the soul, baked goods are food for the artist. Enter, Chef Flemming's Bake Shop on Water Street in downtown Henderson, NV. This newly opened European Style Bakery just off the southeast corner of Water Street and Lake Mead Parkway is there for your eating pleasure. Stop in. Pay them a visit. Think of it as one form of artistry appreciating another. And, if you feel like it, tell 'em you heard about them here and the HAA sent you.

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Nicky Watts said...


I just tried this bakery today. I actually got one of those pistachio cheese cakes that is featured here. I can't wait to try it....its our treat for Thanksgiving!

I had a sandwich on a croissant. Ham and cheese with a little mayo, lettuce, tomato, a cannoli , and a slice.

It was so good that when I was taking a turn in my car and it fell to the floor in between the two front seats, I picked it up and ate it any ways....don't tell anyone I did that, but it was that good. :)


Happy Thanksgiving.